LoL - Swain, The Master Tactician - Visual Upgrade

I decided to give a Visual Upgrade to a champion I felt needed it, and a champion that I like a lot, Swain!

In retrospect, I feel that I didn't alter his look all that much, but I had a whole lot of fun working on this. As swain is a tank/mage, I decided to give him more armor on both his Human as well as his Raven form. His Raven form, specifically, felt too squishy on the old model, and seeing as how he can sustain so much in a fight, sometimes fooling his opponents to fight him longer, I decided to make him look tanky by giving him large pauldrons echoing his human form design.

I approached his other abilities by simplifying the previous shapes and making them readable from afar, and distinguishable during a teamfight. His original W, for example, Nevermove, was a little hard to see in game once you were caught. By changing the colors and simplifying the texture, it should not only read better, but it'd look super cool.

Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainrework8

Swain VU with some sketches behind it!

Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainreworkoldnew2
Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainreworkoldnew1
Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainrework7

Skin thumb iterations

Gabriel ramos gabrielr swain

Character design worked first in black and white, then colored!

Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainrework1

Human Swain Iso, front, and back

Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainrework2 5

Raven Form front, and back

Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainrework3

Decrepify, aka Laser Bird

I thought the original Decrepify looked a bit all over the place. I gave the laser one color, and made sure it separated from other skills, and from the background. I also added a visual range for the tether.

Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainrework4


Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainrework5

Torment. Starts as a ball which turns into an energy raven, which then burns teemo

Gabriel ramos gabrielr swainrework6

Ravenous flocking 3, well 2, teemos